Win Lucky Shot Every Time

October 9, 2022

Lucky Shot is a new mini-game in the 8 Ball Pool that will let you win five cash just as often every day – And unlike Spin & Win it’s not just a chance game, it’s pure skill and you will truly win every day.

I’ve put together a thorough guideline that will show the steps to go about it, and it is a success every time!

Winning Lucky Shot Cash Step-By-Step Guide

In this article, I’ll explain the complete strategy , and you can replicate this method and apply every day to make your free shot to play Lucky Shot to win the 5 Cash Pool .


It is evident that the configuration of the balls can change each day and you must to get it to the spot that is golden to earn the money.

Let’s go.

Step 1 – Get The Current Setup

Each day you will see an entirely new setup, is revealed, but you can also check out the setup and not needing to use your complimentary shot

For instance, this is the setup that I have this morning:


It’s not your intention to test this at the moment, just remember that you’ve got the right setup, that the golden spot is and the location where the two balls are. Nothing more.

Step 2 – Find The Perfect Shot

Then you can leave this Lucky Shot mini-game and head back to the main menu. select the option labelled “Practice Offline”.

It costs you 25 Coins however, you’ll be playing with both players and would like to replicate the shot’s setup so that you can try the shot.


I know that it isn’t possible to duplicate the setup 100% but the main factor is to figure out the amount of power you require to get the right angle isn’t so difficult.

You now have the configuration copied to your offline game? Great. You can now practice until you are able to land your ball in the right location that is the golden spot within the Lucky Shot.


You can observe, I do not have the exact set-up here , but it’s enough to be able to feel the amount of power I’ll need to be successful in the Lucky Shot – as I mentioned, power is the tough part not the angle of the bank shot.

I typically put one ball in the area where it’s the Golden Spot, and the other ball as set up inside Lucky Shot.

If you are playing both players in offline game, the player could just pocket the white ball and manually place it . This will make it much faster and simpler.

Then you continue shooting until you get the ball exactly where it is required to be Lucky Shot.


It’s time to leave the offline mode, and then enter into the Lucky Spin again.

Spin 3 – Win Lucky Shot

It’s time to be serious but keep in mind the strength you discovered during practice mode.

You can observe, I apply the same power here:


It’s not as surprising that you can be the lucky winner of the Lucky Shot :


Make sure you claim your 5 Cash. do it again the next day, too.

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