Track Of The Sands Guide (VOYAGE OF WONDERS)

October 26, 2022

A brand new world that is part of Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s named Track of the Sands and it’s safe to say this one is straightforward with regard to the problem to be solved and the enemies to defeat. It doesn’t even feature a real boss fight this time.

This time I’ve got my step-by-step guide to this world that you can follow in case you get stuck, or just follow along for if you’re not looking to tackle the puzzles by yourself or at all.

Track of the Sands General & Rewards

The primary goal of the Track of the Sands is to transport a supply cart through two portals to the final position. When you reach the final portal it will award you the principal Crytal Chest reward for the realm. In order to get there, you need to open the way for the cart, and also defeat certain camps, and that’s it.

What’s The Reward In Track of the Sands?

And here’s the part an area where you’re likely not to be happy. Rewards are rather low.

The primary prize is hero’s chest that can give you the option of Rigby, Satrana, Lorsan, Izold, Flora or 10 Faction Scrolls + 100 cards to be used in the upcoming Magician Hat event.

Golden Chest Golden Chest also give cards to the new event, along with 1000 Diamonds along with 10- Summon Scrolls. That’s it.

The Track of the Sands Walkthrough?

Without further delay we’ll jump straight into the walkthrough, where I will walk you through step-by-step the steps to get rid of your Track of the Sands.

Step 1.

Walk straight to your left and battle the camp on your right and get the golden Chest.

On the left, there is the railroad lever, as well as an unloading cart which you must use to remove from the way by using the rail lever, and the right switch for railroads as you can see in the picture.

Step 2.

To take down that railroad boss You must first collect some relics first.

Take a walk to the right from your point, and you’ll find two camps that guard the Golden Chests and defeat the opponents there. It’s not difficult at all.

Step 3.

Now you have to bring the yellow stone out using the lever in yellow.

You can head upwards towards the right and then you’ll get to that area after fighting other regular camp on the route.

Also, clear the camp, then collect the chest, and then push the lever in yellow to ensure that the stone at the bottom does not block the pathway to Portal 1 anymore.

Step 4.

Go back up and defeat the boss at the end of the road. With the relics that you’ve collected, you shouldn’t have any issues for you to go through the steps.

Also, you must move the cart to the left, or else the cart that supplies you will be reset. There’s no need to worry in case you don’t remember but it’s a pain and takes time.

Don’t Go to the left bottom and switch beside the cart that supplies you and it will take you through Portal 1.

Step 5.

Alright now we must get the railroad cleared so that the supply cart can get to Portal 2 and we need to move it around.

The first step to take now is to pull the lever that is yellow again, so the first obstacle on the path will be gone.

Step 6.

You now traverse the track, and eliminate obstruction after obstacle. I was always thinking there would be some sort of twist or puzzle however, it’s really quite simple.

The next step is using the rail switch as well as the cart switch, as illustrated in the picture to move the cart upwards and then turn right.

Use to pull the lever of your cart once more and you’ll reach Portal 2. Portal 2 with it.

Step 7.

Okay Two thirds done. To get to Portal 3, you need to move the cart to the right in order to go straight there following Portal 2.

Besiege the chief camp. This should not be a problem. Then, shift the cart over it to stop the straight path. This will move the cart straight in the proper direction.

Step 8.

Now follow the direction to the right , and then move the cart to the right so that the supply cart can rise (as as you can see in the picture).

Then, you’ll need to make use of the blue lever every time. Don’t worry, you won’t be locked in there. Afterward, visit the place and utilize it to clean the camp you discover and take home that Golden Chest and more

There’s no way that you could be stuck within The Track of the Sands.

Step 9.

Go to the upper right corner section where you must remove one camp, and additionally, use a railway switch that you will need to align.

Also, clear the other camps there and take every Golden Chests you have there We’re almost at the final point of the Track of the Sands here.

I promised you, it’s not a hard Voyage of Wonders realm

10.- Now you’ve got one more boss on the railroad you have to take on, but the way is now clear and you can move the cart of supplies to Portal 2 to Portal 3 and it will open your final Crystal Chest

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