The Savage Wastes Guide (Peaks Of Time Realm 11)

October 17, 2022

Congrats on getting access to The Savage Wastes, the 11th realm of Peaks of Time.This page will provide an entire walkthrough of the entire realm from beginning to finish to make it through the entire realm as quickly as you can.

Levels of Heroic Deficiency 200-210+

The Savage Wastes are not a extremely difficult world that you can find in Peaks of Time but it could be a bit frustrating at certain points especially when your heroes are on the lower side of the level required.

The most important thing to remember concerning The Savage Wastes is that your heroes will lose half their health and energy after every battle. Using the watering fountains is crucial element here (and I think I’ve provided an excellent step-by step guideline for you to take). The fountains in this world can not only heal your heroes to 100%, but they’ll also help revive heroes who have fallen!

It is important to remember that relics that restore health after the fight do not work in this world, therefore, do not use them!

The positive side is that you’ll get an item called the Dura’s Blade artifact when you got through The Savage Wastes and it’s worth the effort to go through this.

So, without more delay, let’s get right into the walkthrough isn’t it?

Step 1.

At the beginning, you will have two relics that

you must collect, as well as the fountain

you must utilize to complete this part.

Examine the relics, in the event that they’re not they are, then it might be worth restarting The Savage Wastes now. There are just 15 relics that available in this realm , and with the continuous depletion of energy and health following every fight, you’ll need to count on the stronger ones. It’s not feasible to start the game with two weak relics from the beginning.

Step 2.

Then you’ll come to an open area with a variety of alternatives.

It is best to take the relic from the middle, and not take the path leading to the fountain at present We’ll put it aside for later, when we’ll need one.

Step 3.

On the right side of the relic that you found in the 2nd step you’ll discover a variety of fights.

Do not pay attention to the last one since there’s nothing to be found behind it except another battle that can drain your energy and health. Update! Make sure to fight this particular fight, as you have to complete it in order to reach the ultimate boss!

Make sure to fighting on the left because you’ve utilized a fountain in Step 1. Behind that fountain is another which we will require in the future. After the fight, you’ll make use of the upper fountain and continue along the same path (2 more camps , and another fountain that you’ll need to make use of)

Step 4.

Near the top of the route and just behind those two battles, there’s a second source of water that you must now and should make use of to advance.

The left side and right side, you’ll find a relic which you can take home without other fight. Now is the time to collect them. Do not engage in further combats. None of the camps in the left or right path will be exposed and just waste your health!

Step 5.

After collecting two relics from Step 4, you’ll go straight to where you’ve got one more relic and two additional relics in the upper right side of the lane. Also, those items are available for collection without fighting. Do not engage in any fights There is no way to result in anything more than just plain air!

It’s also a crucial aspect when playing The Savage Wastes in terms of relics. If you’re experiencing problems with dealing with the enemy and have only moderate or poor relics, you may want to re-enter the world today. It’s about 1/3 through the battles toward the end, and there’s no items on your way towards the final boss (and the others require that you use fountains that you really need).

Step 6.

After collecting the relics, go back to the fountain you have to use and then take the higher avenue.

There’s one more relic as well as a boss camp battle which you need to finish to be able to meet the boss at the end.

Step 7.

Following that, you will follow the second path and it’s simple with camp sites and fountains that go back to the beginning.

There’s not a specific order for this and you may recall that there were two fountains remaining at the beginning of the section. You may return to if the fight was enough and you’re in need of another fountain.

It is important to utilize the left lever to lower the moonstone which blocks the path to the final boss in The Savage Wastes.

Then you can take on the final boss fight

Once you have completed that, you can begin cleaning the other pathways and collect those remaining Golden Chests that you need to complete the game. I suggest doing this at the end since you can make a second attempt to collect the Golden Chests if there aren’t any fountains left.

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