The Sandy Tracks Guide (VOYAGE OF WONDERS)

February 2, 2023

A brand new world in Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s named The Sandy Tracks. It’s possibly the most simple Voyage of Wonders realm we’ve seen in a long time, with virtually no camps to beat , and an unsatisfactory puzzle the title puzzle.

The Sandy Tracks General & Rewards

The primary goal of Sandy Tracks is guiding a cart across several stations on the map until it reaches the final point at which it will show the single Crystal Chest. It is your responsibility to locate the correct route on the railway tracks and block off the incorrect paths and that’s really just an aesthetic job.

What’s The Reward In The Sandy Tracks?

If you can remember the ease of the Voyage of Wonders realm is and the rewards are decent, I’d say.

The most important reward is 10x Stargazing Cards. You will also receive 10x Faction Scrolls as well as 1000x Diamonds, along with symbols and Gold/EXP boosters as well.

The way I see it, I would have liked an Faction Emblem Chest or anything similar to that, however, I would say that for the time you’ll need the Stargazing Cards are adequate.

The Sandy Tracks Walkthrough

So, without further delay we’ll jump straight into the walkthrough in which I walk you through the steps to get rid of The Sandy Tracks.

Step 1.

Right at the beginning, you will only must trigger the button on the cart. it will take you into the following section on the map.

You must ensure that the cart has passed all red marks on the tracks . It will be able to open the door next which is the most important thing you’ll have to do.

Step 2.

Clean the camp that you can find there, then go up and shift the left cart to the lower position using the switch at the lower left along with the red one upwards using the upper-right switch. This is the set-up you’ll require.

You can now pull the trigger, and your cart will be able to pass through the gate that is The Sandy Tracks’ next segment. The Sandy Tracks.

Be sure to clear all camps that are on your route and take home all the Golden Chests.

Step 3.

Use the blue lever at the start of the section a second time.

The blue stone in the lower part needs to be placed up, and the higher blue stone down, in order that the cart takes the higher route along the railways.

Go to the left and then move the car to the top position and the red dot down to the lower position , as it is shown in this photo.

Make sure to clear any camps that are likely to encounter there. They’re not difficult to remove, but it can be a pain to have to walk back.

The last step to take within this area is to climb up and then shift the cart that is in front of the gate so that your cart can turn towards the gate and go to the next section.

Let your cart move through the gate next to you.

Step 4.

Clear all camps you see , and then push the red button below the lever in yellow to the highest position.

Use the lever in yellow also to raise the lower stone, and lower the higher yellow stone. The pathway should lead the cart that supplies you to the higher road.

Step 5.

Then turn to the left and you will come across numerous switches.

You’ll need to shift the cart on top of the car to the lower location and the cart at the bottom, to the left position , as shown in the photo.

There’s another camp on the top which you shouldn’t overlook and you should clear it now too.

Step 6 .

Now proceed to the left and you’ll have to do the final step to complete during this part before you start the final section of The Sandy Tracks.

Make sure you move the red button to the highest location (s. Image) and then use the red lever at the top of the map. Then you can take your supply wagon to the next gate.

Step 7.

Now clear the previous two camps and take the remaining Gold Chests and then click on the supply cart at the last destination. It will open the Crystal Chest with the Stargazing Card.

If you are wondering about the Crystal Chest, you must select the supply cart and it will change to The Crystal Chest.

This is it, you’re done, well done. I hope that we be able to experience more difficult Voyage of Wonders realms in the future . The Sandy Tracks will not become the norm for a while.

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