The Realm Of Denial Guide (VOYAGE OF WONDERS)

February 2, 2023

The next level of Voyage of Wonders is coming and is known as The Realm of Denial. A little delay is because of the delay in updating we now have an update to Voyage of Wonders that is simple, but it has an amazing Halloween-themed spooky theme which I love.

The Realm of Denial General & Rewards

You must guide a ghost around various stations until it reaches their “home” to unlock the final route to the Crystal Chest. On the way, you must ensure that the ghost remains at the correct spots to assist you in clearing the path.

The puzzle isn’t impossible, but I found it to be a lot of fun.

What’s The Reward In The Realm of Denial?

The rewards have released last week, and I’ve posted them here . And with the release of the test servers, there’s an update in the rewards.

The primary reward was originally 20x Stargazing Cards, but it has since been it has been changed into 10x Stargazing Cards as well as 10x Faction Summon Scrolls. I would have preferred more Stargazing Cards, but I still consider it to be to be a good reward when you keep the fact that The Realm of Denial is easy to resolve.

Other benefits (10x Standard Summon Scrolls (RSS), 600x Diamonds, and resource booster) were the same.

The Realm of Denial Walkthrough

Let’s not waste any more time, and learn step-by-step steps to resolve The Realm of Denial in AFK Arena.

Step 1.

Follow the route beginning at the beginning until you reach the very first Candy Pumpkin.

If you choose to use Candy Pumpkin Candy Pumpkin, the Ghost will travel there in the straight path and hunt for all the candy. This is how you can be able to access it via the map of the realm.

Once you’ve finished that, climb up and clear the camp for relics. they will be needed for later battles.

Step 2.

Then follow the path left, and you’ll find an additional Candy Pumpkin and a Zombie Tile that hinders the way until you reach the stone.

Place the pumpkin on the left before using it draw the ghost away to stand on the tile for a while to disable this Zombie Tile blocking the path to clear the camp and get all the Golden Chests.

Step 3.

Follow the path you unlocked and you’ll find an area of camp as well as 2 Golden Chests there to must clean up.

And then shift the cart up to open the way the following section in The Realm of Denial.

Step 4.

Then you’ll be brought through with a Mercenary Camp, where you will be able to choose between two new dimensional heroes to assistance ( read here more about the two to select the best one). It is essential to purchase one of the two heroes, Ainz or Albedo otherwise you will not be able take home a Crystal Chest!

Once you’ve obtained them, you can utilize them to clear the path to the left, leading to your initial Crystal Chest in the Realm of Denial by putting one of them on your squad for the initial fight there. You will be rewarded with Tenx Faction Summon Scrolls.

Step 5.

Next, you have to put the ghost on the stone in order to allow each Zombie Tile. To accomplish this, you must use the lamp on the middle of the tile first.

Then you can move the cart using the pumpkin towards the higher position beforeyou make use of the pump to summon the ghost. If you don’t light an ember first, then the ghost won’t be able to stand on the stone, and you must lure back to him and again. There is no way to stay here.

You can now take a walk and then move the cart to the left , to enter to the next part within The Realm of Denial.

This is the last part to be solved to gain access to the final Crystal Chest in this Voyage of Wonders realm.

Step 6 .

locate the lever in red and then use it for lowering the stone red towards the pumpkin.

You must then turn on the lamp prior toyou make use of the pumpkin is visible in the picture to summon the ghost. The goal is to make the ghost stand in front of the red rock in order that you can put him to the top space.

Step 7.

Then turn left and then use the lever that is red again. The ghost should be located on the top floor.

After that, go to the left and fill up the pumpkin with blue stones beforeusing this blue lever.

A blue lever rise and draw the ghost toward the pumpkin.

Go to the left which is where the second pumpkin is sitting on the floor and put it in.

Once you’ve completed the process, use the blue lever once more. This will cause the ghost stand on the stone , and remove the Zombie Tile which blocks the pathway to the lamp you will require in the next step.

Step 8.

You can now utilize your lamp to illuminate it This is the final step needed to get the ghost back to his final destination.

Once you’ve activated the lamp, turn that red lever place it up on top.

Fill the pumpkin on the left with the blue stone and then use this blue lever raise it filled.

The lamp will be activated and the ghost can now move to his final location and then enter his home. This will open the way towards the last Crystal Chest in The Realm of Denial.

Check that you’ve completed all campsites on the map and have all Relics that you have collected for the final battles.

You have successfully escaped The Realm of Denial successfully and I wish you good success with Stargazing Happy Halloween everyone!

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