The Fabled Forest Guide (Voyage Of Wonders)

October 17, 2022

Voyage of Wonders is back and provides a brand new world which is dubbed The Fabled Forest – and unlike the previous one, it’s not as much of an adventure and provides a clear path (that I’ll explain below). The trickier part is getting the right team together and make the most of the relics.

I’ve listed below the steps and additional tips to assist you in solving this issue.

Fabled Forest General and Rewards

In the fabled Forest it is necessary to follow the correct path by crossing portals and tiles that you must only traverse once to create an avenue to the reward zone in which the sweet rewards await for you.

It is possible to choose one that is going to get stuck but there seems that there is more than one option you could choose to choose to take. I’ve had to take the route I chose and it worked, however the way you take it doesn’t have much impact since you’ll need to go through the entire horde of enemies in The Fabled Forest anyway to complete the quest and there’s no other option that you can make.

In general , I’d say that the Voyage of Wonders realm is more difficult than the previous one, however it also provides better rewards.

If you’ve got a solid team that is working well and choose the right items, it won’t be so difficult to get rid of the Faded Forest

What’s The Benefit Of This Faded Forest?

Below are rewards, along with the time boosters you can collect from the large reward chests that are found in The Faded Forest:

Then you’ll get five Summon Scrolls, 5x Faction Scrolls and an chest of Wishes. The good thing is that you can obtain the chest without fighting the two bosses that will be your final challenge What are you waiting for? ?

You may remember the previous realm of Voyage of Wonders where the rewards were a unsatisfying within the Chest of Wished, right?

This time , there are legendary heroes you can pick from or choose 5 Faction Summon Scrolls. The heroes that you could pick from are:

  • Rowan
  • Skreg
  • Nemore
  • Baden
  • It could be improved, but they’re decent too They are decent – and even if you’re not happy with the choices available, you still have the option of purchasing the five faction pulls to gain something else, isn’t it?

Best Team

The unique feature of this realm is that every camp you battle can give you relics. there are five static relic chests you can find and there are two Fountain of Healing on the map to use. There are no reviving options and there are no camp for mercenaries that can be used to form teams.

Your entire team will be part of the team which you’re currently using.

If you’ve got a good meta team such as Shemira, Brutus, Nemora, Lyca, Tasi you’re really good to go and should not face any problems. A team such as Brutus, Shemira, Belinda, Fawkes and Lucius works very well here.

Take note! Relics are scarce found in The Faded Forest and sometimes it’s really hard to find the most excellent ones. I had to go back multiple times before I found the correct relics to help me conquer this world.

The best relics include the Deathly Embrace which can send opponents with a low percentage of 15% to death (actually the most efficient one that gives you an enormous increase) and also the ones which boost your the power of your shield or increase energy. The strong damage boosters are extremely beneficial.

If you notice that there are bad relics in your game that you could try to restart, but don’t do it all the way to the end, as there is a high likelihood that you’ll be unsuccessful.

… another aspect …

Retry battles often when you notice that your hero is prone to falling down and even passes away! If you play the same battle 20 times, you could have completely different outcomes. Use the option to cancel an entire battle prior to it ending and begin it again frequently it could be the difference in getting rid of this Faded forest or not!

Let’s not do the whole step-by-step…

Walkthrough Map

Contrary to similar Voyage of Wonders or Peaks of Times realms, The Faded Forest requires an entirely different approach.

Relics are static and are not the result of battles, try to stay clear of all combats that you don’t have to go through!

Here is an outline of the map that will assist you in a big way:

Red is the principal path to follow. Make sure to take a good glance over the green cross. these are triggers you must use, otherwise you’ll be unable to create the path that leads towards the ultimate reward island.

In taking a close look, you’ll see that there can be some options for battles you don’t need to engage in.

Yes, there’s an treasure chest that lies behind it however, it’s more sensible to do multiple runs here and concentrate on obtaining the items in a different run rather than waste health and energy to get them.

My strategy was to find my Golden Chests when I saw that I had received bad replicas. I was determined to get the most of the journey and once I found good relics inside the chests, I headed to the island that was the final one and I went in search of The Crystal Chests.

Boss fights

Then you’ll be faced with two very difficult boss fights, but they’re in the second Crystal Chest and this one is only 5x normal Summon Scrolls.

But, having them is good.

The first is against four Skregs and they’re mighty strong! They can take down your frontline within the initial minutes of the fight.

The best method is to perform runs in order to collect Icebringer and Firebringer Relics and repeat the battle until it is able to properly. It’s difficult, but it’s the only option in the absence of one of the powerful meta teams.The second will be against Zolrath and Orthros and Orthros and Zolrath are both insanely overleveled. It is imperative to invest all you have into taking out Zolrath first. If Zolrath is defeated, he’ll start the battle again and this is the moment when you’re not winning, so you must use everything you have against him as swiftly as you can!

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