February 2, 2023

What’s the quickest method of gaining levels for heroes and increase your progress within AFK Arena? It’s a question which isn’t so obvious at first, and you may be using the wrong method.

In this guide , I will share the most effective strategy for the most rapid progress on leveling.

Leveling In General & The Problem

There are three levels in AFK Arena in relation to your hero level, let me go through them quickly to help you.

Stage 1 (Early) You’ll increase your level so quickly often that you’ll would like to have the “+10 Level” button. It’s the best time to be happy because you’ll get 10-50 levels a week with ease.

Stage 2 (Mid Game) Leveling becomes more difficult, and you’ll notice that your progress slowing to a minimum of one to five levels each week. Still alright. It will continue until all your heroes are reached the level of 240.

Step 3 (End game)  once you have reached the level 240, you’ll require at least 5 heroes Ascended in order to use to use the Resonating Crystal to increase the level of all heroes simultaneously. This process is much slower, of course, but could also put you in difficulties (more on that in the next section)

Therefore, for each stage I’ve got some advice to help you to make the most improvement.

Leveling Faster & BETTER

In each step, there are various approaches However, you must first follow some general rules are essential to keep in be aware of.

Never increase the level of more than five Heroes! Use the Resonation Crystal to unlock more heroes that are on the same level as your primary heroes. The heroes you should be using are the ones who have the highest ascension levels (not those you most frequently use) !!!) since you can make them more and all others will be able to attain their level higher as well.

If you upgrade over 5 heroes, you just waste resources.

Beginning Stages of Leveling (Hero Level 100 or lower)

At this point, you only require one heroes (check out the list of tiers here to determine which heroes you’ll need) who can cause a lot of damage that takes out foes and also increase the level of this hero. It is possible to leave others heroes on a lower stage, or you have a second healer that you like, you can provide that hero with a certain levels. However, the main goal is to raise the level of that hero.

The health and defense rating are not important as this hero is on a higher level will not be able to sustain that much damage.

This hero must be naturally a hero who isn’t a caster therefore, choose a hero such as Shemara, Brutus, Saveas or any other similar hero.

Now , you can fill up your squad with any of the heroes of the same faction, to provide that hero with an additional 25% stats boost and then go through the campaign mission.

Mid Stage (Level 100-200) – Balancing

Between chapters 6 and 7 you’ll notice that the teams of the enemy are more united and this becomes more challenging, thanks for the Resonating Crystal.

The Resonating Crystal is all you need to be a group of 5 heroes. their levels is shared with additional heroes.

When you reach that point, you’ll have a clear idea of the team you want to create like and the kind of heroes you’d like to play (and already began climbing them) If you don’t, take a look at my guide to the best team configurations here.

You will now need to build an entire team that will stand up and you will need to begin leveling your heroes too. However you should keep your most powerful hero approximately 20 levels more than other heroes, and the other heroes should be at the same level as the teams you are facing.

Do not level other heroes If you have more heroes you are using frequently, you can add slots in your Resonating Crystal!

Late Mid Stage (Level 200-240)

You should now focus on the 5 heroes to be ascensioned. The goal is to reach three or more of them ascend before reaching Hero Level 240. It doesn’t matter which heroes they are, or if you play them, or what. Concentrate on getting five heroes to be ascended, and that’s all there is to it.

If you fail, you’ll remain on Level 240, until you reach 5 heroes that have been ascended. That could take a long time and can be very difficult!

Endgame (Level 240+)

You can now be able to level all heroes with the Crystal at once , and you can only do one step at a go (for plenty of resources, obviously). Be patient and only increase your heroes’ levels when you have to!

Events, Lab etc. They base their difficulty on performance. However, performing at the top of their game could cause you to get stuck. It’s best to be able to raise your level to have a successful event rather than always in the middle and possibly give some nice prizes.

The Level 300 Cap For F2P?!? !

When you reach Level 300, you’ll be able to be able to join a pool with those who whale (the players who pay lots of dollars for AFK Arena) to play Twisted Realm. This means that you will receive less Twisted Essence in exchange for the Dura’s virtues’s.

It’s true that you cannot stay at Level 300 forever, but waiting for a couple of weeks or more will earn the player more Twisted Essence throughout that time, and when you reach Level 300, there’s no going back.

I can assure you that you’ll get solid Gold or lower Crystal Tier rewards lower than Level 300, and see Silver at Level 305 using the same mix because the world beyond Level 300 is filled with whales.

Consider it carefully and think about taking Dura’s Virtues from the Tree to the next 20 levels before you can level past Hero Stufe 300!

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