How Wishlist Really Works When Pulling Heroes

October 17, 2022

There are many incorrect information being circulated about the wishlists in AFK Arena in the community and I’ve seen strange things. That’s the reason I chose to create this guideline to provide you with the most important details you should know to get the most out of your wishlist over the long term.

Do you think it sounds great? Okay, let’s jump straight into it.

What’s On The Wishlist?

The wishlist lets you choose some heroes from the four major groups (Lightbearers, Maulers, Wildhearts and Graveborn) that you wish to have better chances of summoning.

This is intended to assist you get more of them, which will aid in the climb to the heights of these heroes.

It doesn’t mean you’ll only see these heroes and there will be no other heroes. it’s just that the selected heroes a slight higher probability of summoning them and summon them, but nothing else.

What’s On The Wishlist Really Means

As I mentioned earlier it is possible to have other heroes from these factions in the hero summons, however in the end, the ones you’ve put on your list have a higher probability.

Let’s now get it cleaned up by addressing several of the frequent errors about the wishlist:

Picking One Hero Only Helps in Getting That Hero

Wrong! If you only have only one hero that you wish to have you will have the same chances to summoned, if you have all the slots in your wishlist full! This means that you won’t not make the most of your wishlist.

Utilizing the Wishlist Can Give you Less Chances of Hypogean as well as Celestial Heroes

No! The method of summoning does not change, it’s just whenever you encounter a mauler, it will have a slightly greater likelihood of being Mauler hero that are on your wishlist. The wishlist won’t reduce your chances for summoning heroes such as Athalia as well Ezizh!

Does Wishlist Help Epic Drops?

No. There are some rare heroes on the list and this only marginally increases the odds of getting an individual hero of the rarity and not the DRP odds of more rare heroes all in all.

If you have filled you wish list completely with the purple heroes. You aren’t likely to get more purple heroes summoned however, if you do encounter a purple hero it is likely that it’s one of your list. However, it could also be a different purple hero

Position on the Wishlist It’s a Matter of

It doesn’t matter if have a hero that is in the first or last spot on the wishlist. This isn’t the list of wishes for Santa Claus

What is the % of The Wishlist Increase Chances?

There’s no specific number on what percentage the odds of the heroes you’ve put on your list increase, but you can bet on it being within the 10% range.

What Heroes Should You Pick What Heroes Should You Select Here?

There are actually two approaches to use in this case:

Get Heroes You Want

In the event that there is a character you are desperate to unlock, you can add them to the list, but take note that this will only impact epic drops and they’re quite low by now.

The wishlist is not a magic way to get the heroes you’ve always wanted quick, so I advise that you put in those heroes who are powerful to AFK Arena and there aren’t any heroes you need to be there for certain, such as Brutus as well as Shemira.

Accelerate Your Ascension

In the end, unlocking can be a lot simpler than climbing those heroes since you’ll need a lot of the same heroes to climb past legendary rarity.

Once you’ve got your team in place (see here which team configurations work well) Add them to your list of priorities to have duplicates of feeds.

If all of them are packed, pick food-related heroes from the same faction as you’ll be using to ascend – I’ve written in my ascension guide how to make use of fooder heroes to ensure that you have the best chance of gaining the next ascension speed.

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