How To Build Your Best Team in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes

October 11, 2022

With the variety of characters to choose from, it’s often not difficult to make an effective team since you’re surrounded by endless possibilities to build your team with BlitZ: Rise of Heroes You’re thinking, what? There are already-built squads if you search around but personally, I believe that this isn’t very helpful since you won’t be able to use the same heroes as the ones that everyone other players use or have them upgraded enough that makes them more effective.

This is why I’ve put together this guideline to help you create your ideal team for BlitZ Rise of Heroes based on the heroes you’ve got available.

In case you’re unsure which heroes are the best for you in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Check out my latest Tier list of the most popular heroes here. This is a great resource for selecting the best heroes for making your squad.

Important! The developers have also added promo codes to the system that allows you to earn reward points that they regularly release! We update our list of promo codes that you can use here.

Okay, now that we have had enough with the introduction, let’s get into the guide to team building.

Team Building – The Basics

I’m sure for many players, this is an essential thing to be aware of however, the factions play a major role to know in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes since they decide if you do more damage to specific players as well as get more damage done to.



Therefore, you may want to pick one hero that comes from the fire faction, and is strong however, you’ll run into an enemy hero who is part of the dark faction, and so your character will get treated to 30 percent more damage. That’s quite an awful lot. It can make your performance lower.

If I use an example from this:


In the image below that I’m playing (on this particular spot) as a natural hero against a dark hero giving my hero 30percent more damage. So even if just a few levels less I’ll be able to handle this situation successfully.

I’m sure most players attempt to ignore this and manage their “A Team” and expect the best. However, they’ll face a lot of problems due to taking 30 percent more damage than they need and leaving it open on the table to do 30 percent more damage. Imagine how much it costs to raise the level of a particular heroes to level up a hero in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes to gain 30 percent more defense or damage! It’s an enormous amount!

Also, ensure that you keep a few alternative heroes from different factions in your hands to ensure you are able to swap them out when you require it.

I hope this helps and I’m looking to add more depth to this guide in the event of requests. If you’re keen to know more about the concept of teamwork in BlitZ: Rise of Heroes Leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to include more on this.

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