How Much Do Faction Bonus and Advantage Change In Reality

October 17, 2022

I’ve been wanting to write this article on advantages of factions and bonuses for factions for a long time, but it appears that certain players are full-time with it, while others don’t care often.

What’s the best method to deal with these issues? This guide is all about: showing how much you’ll need to care about and what is too much.

What is the difference between Faction Bonus and Faction Advantage

I’ll address both in this article, however to clarify, I’d like to briefly discuss the differences.

Faction Bonus: Faction Bonus is essentially an increase you receive by having more heroes belonging to the same faction on your squad and it gives you a an increase in their stats by a percentage. You can view the faction bonus by clicking on the upper left corner of the game and you’ll be able to see the current bonus for your faction:

The advantage of a faction is the way each faction performs in comparison to another faction. Thus, each faction is able to cause 25% more damage to another faction, and one faction will cause more damage to the other faction. This is the scenario here:

What is the significance of this?

I’m trying to address the question of how much this should influence on your selection of heroes and which heroes you’ll take to combat and how to place correctly to maximize the effectiveness of your battle setup.

There is a chance that this same set-up is beaten and with a few tweaks, it can be able to defeat the same adversary or swapping one character could make the difference between winning and defeat!

Let’s go.

Faction Bonus – What Effect Does It Really Have?

If you take a look there are two possible strategies you can employ (and it depends on the heroes you’ve got available):

Don’t overlook the bonus for factions with rainbow teams that have very solid synergies. If your team functions so well that it remains alive and can do damage with ease without using 3 members of the same faction, then you’re great in the long run. don’t ruin an alliance for a few 15% better statistics, it’s unworth it! Lucius/Shemira/Nara/Rosaline/Athalia is such a setup just to name one that totally crushes without any faction bonus and there’s no way a faction bonus could make that setup stronger.
Take advantage of three (2) faction bonuses (3 for one faction and and 2 of an additional faction). This will give you a 15 percent boost and you’ll still have liberty to construct a strong team. Do not go for the five or four of the same faction bonuses There’s no group with more heroes who collaborate so well to form a team robust enough to be able to utilize the bonus of the faction to get more efficient.
In the end, I would recommend selecting an excellent synergy team instead of one that is using the faction bonus since the additional stats won’t benefit the team that benefits in its overall strategy.

Faction Advantage – Placement & Hero Selection

Lightbearers have a lot of power against Maulers who are tough against Wildheart and the like.

This means that you or an enemy hero will be able to do an extra 25% of damage than an opponent.

I’ll give you a hint If you’re having trouble remembering this, take note of the sequence in the lower bar, going starting from the left and ending on the right, it’s always the most powerful (and Graveborn go to Lightbearers and so on) It can make it easier to remember.

In general, I would not swap one of my heroes just for this.

Rearranging the roles is key in most cases. It is possible to change them to ensure they’re not directly facing a hero with the bonus to your character – or the alternatively allow the hero that has bonuses face off against an enemy hero if you have a 25% advantage in faction.

Let’s take a real-world example quickly:

If you take a look at the picture here, you will observe that I have many issues with the opposing heroes:

  • I don’t think I have any advantage over the other faction here.
  • My Saveas must face two heroes who have an advantage against him
  • My Vedan must confront Ogi directly, and Ogi has an advantage over him

Just a little rearranging here:

All the advantages of faction favor my team.

  • Saveas does more harm to Ogi
  • Vedan is more destructive to heroes who are directly battling him
  • removed most disadvantages
    It is evident, even it was only one instance, reconfiguring is most of the times very effective and changing heroes is only required in the event of a battle of a group that is very harmful to your team.

The only instance I would take into consideration is when I’m having issues with protagonists and their backline counterparts, too.


The bottom line is that the lesson I would recommend from my perspective is to make a great rainbow faction team , or go with the three-two faction bonus and make sure you take advantage of the faction advantages by rearranging your heroes, particularly those from the fronline.

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