Guild Wars Guide – Tactics & Setups That Work

October 19, 2022

Guild Wars is an event that matches your guild against another similar guild. you could win some nice prizes by beating another guild. Sounds complicated? But it’s really not so complicated, and with the correct strategy (that I’ll show you in this tutorial) You can join the guild that wins the crown in the guild wars.

How Guild Wars Work

If your group chooses to join, you will be matched up against another guild that has similar matchmaking statistics.

The most important thing to remember is that there are five rounds of combat, each lasting for 24 hours. the guild that wins additional rounds will be able to claim the win.

All players who participate can play Elite heroes or higher and all heroes are upgraded to Level 160, and will receive Mythic equipment – basically, all heroes are on the same level. However, those who have ascended will remain higher in ascended. This gives novice players in AFK Arena the opportunity to join guild wars.

In other words, I don’t intend to go through a lot of explanations here, but I’ll make sure you are on the identical track before we explore the best strategies for success in the guild wars of AFK Arena – if you need help, click your “i” icon that is located on the top of the screen for guild wars and you’ll be able to read the entire rules once more.

Best Tactic To Win Guild Wars

The most effective tactic can be divided into two distinct parts: one is your own personal strategy (how to fight and how to setup heroes teams) and the second is how your group handles attacks.

Below, you’ll see both of them.

Best Guild Tactic

I could provide this as an in-depth guideline that involves a lot of managing your guild’s activities in a micro-scale however I realize that the majority of you don’t belong to the kind of guild you would like and don’t wish to be part of one, so I’ll try to break it down into an easier to follow approach.

Win The First Round!

Achieving the first round is something that you and your team should be focusing on. Being in better positions won’t just give you a significant advantage in points which your opponent guild must catch up with, but you’re also in a better position to win Round 2, which gives your enemy guild a difficult time. Be aware that the start of the next round can be decided by what was played in the preceding round. The first round is the one that begins with a plain field

Hold Position

Points are awarded based on your position, therefore try to achieve the best position. I’d rather have one option open in the final hours of a game to ensure that I score more points than trying everything from the beginning, only to keep an eye on what happened.

In general, you will only receive points for the top position, however it doesn’t mean you’ll simply get to a top position quickly and not care about the position you’re in anymore…

The players who are the weakest within your group are those with the most potential to earn points and these are the ones who will win you over in the long run.

Best Hero Tactic

There are three teams that you can create, but if you are looking to take the win, you’ll have to be able to win with two of them. Your opponent has to fight each of your three groups in the guild war. However, the winner is determined when winning the two fights.

So there is a fundamental thinking that is the reason why the majority of players make a massive error – they think you can just create one team that is very strong and another strong team, and then a weak one to take the win.

The issue with this approach can be that an attacker may just use his best team against your second-strongest and his second-strongest opponent against your weak team, and use his garbage team to attack your best team and you win.

The main thing to survive in this scenario is to create teams that can create the attackers as the second strongest team, so that he doesn’t win the 2/3 when it comes to guild warfare.

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