Bride Of Souls Guide (VOYAGE OF WONDERS)

February 2, 2023

The next dimension of Voyage of Wonders is coming and is called the Bridge of Souls. I really enjoyed the game with regards to length and difficulty. It offers it all an enjoyable game, solid rewards, as well as plenty of camp to take on.

As always, I’ve got an easy-to-follow guide that can be used to tackle the problem below.

Bridge of Souls General & Rewards

The main goal of The Bridge of Souls is using the laser beams to regulate the soul stones, which can be raised and lowered to create the final path and help you find your way to it.

I was impressed by the rewards and they showed the level of difficulty in the game.

The most important benefits are 10x Stargazing Cards as well as 10-X Faction Summon Cards. I’m sure that everyone will appreciate them.

Apart from that, there are emblems, boosters and Diamonds are also available, so there is no reason to complain.

Bridge of Souls Walkthrough

Let’s now do the step-by-step walkthrough.

Step 1.

Right at the beginning, you must move the water activator onto rails into the proper position to allow you to traverse through.

After you’ve completed this, you can move it back to the original left position.

Step 2.

Use the left-hand railing to transfer the leaf activator into the right side and then walk into the portal beneath your position to rise above both the river and stone for the leaf.

Continue to the left and fight your way through the camps and pick up the chests.

Follow the road towards the right.

Step 3.

Clear the left-hand side on the Bridge of Souls map and you will be able to reach that double laser.

In this case, you must move the cart using the rails towards the correct place so that the laser can unblock from the stone. This allows you to pass on the left side, above the laser.

When you reach the top, you have to shift the car to the left in order to get rid of the path beneath your location and collect rewards and camps , too.

Step 4.

Now walk back to the top, and go to the next part of the map, and clear the two camps that are there. Continue to the right-hand side of the map. do not bother with those bosses in the middle as you’re not strong enough to take on them at the moment.

Get rid of the top right corner of the map, and take home all the rewards and relics and you’ll be near the lever in blue.

Utilize the blue lever, and you’ll notice that lasers are released to open the way to the reward at the end. But there’s still a lot to complete first.

Step 5.

Walk now over the blue lever, and then try it again.

This is the only way to clear the final section of the map, so that you have enough relics sufficient strength for the final boss battle.

You must remain below the blue lever prior to attempting to make use of it for the second time, or it could block your path.

Step 6.

Now go to the very bottom of the page where you will find the camp

Use the portal to remove the camp and make use of the portal once more for a return to surface at a level.

After that, walk back to where you were in Step 5. Then utilize the blue lever once more.

Step 7.

Now it’s time for your final fight with the bosses. They’re pretty gruesome with one of them being full Hypogeans and the other full Celestials however given all the relics available, you can beat them.

I found it simpler to take on the lower boss first, and then go for it again with the Celestials as the final fight however that’s entirely up to you.

After you’ve defeated all the enemies, you’ll be able to walk the final level to collect the last reward from The Bridge of Souls and you’re finished with the Voyage of Wonders realm.

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