Bountiful Trials Team Setups – Leonardo Da Vlnci’s Arena Of Trials

October 27, 2022

Each new hero we receive an Bountiful Trial event at AFK Arena which gives players the chance to try out the new character in a few fights and earn rewards too.

Some fights are not a problem , however others are very annoying, which is why I’ve provided a list below to help you choose the most effective teams that perform – occasionally you have to run a setup number of occasions, yet they do the job! I also give suggestions if you’re not able to unlock an individual hero.

Bountiful Trials – Leonardo da Vinci

The following is the Bountiful Trials of this new Dimansional hero The new Dimansional hero Leonardo da Vinci:

I believe these trials are okay, however, you must use Arthur as the frontline for four of these trials. Ukyo can be extremely helpful. Leonardo can be a formidable crowd control but you have to tank and carry which can be difficult with these situations…

Teams Setup 1 and # 2 Here’s how Arthur and Antandra take care of the frontline. Numisu assists, and Leonardo manages the opponents and Khasos is the one who does the harm. It’s not the most stable configuration however if you’re not able to play Zikis it’s the most convenient for most players.

Teams Setup 3 and #4 pretty straightforward with Arthur and Ukyo on the frontline while Oden and Isabella will battle the enemy. It can be somewhat heavy on RNG, so you may require several attempts, but this is because of Leonardo’s mechanism to disable and spray his paint solely through RNG.

Teams Setup 5 and #6 areprobably some of the easiest run featuring Thoran singing in the front line, Flora getting out of the fight, and Pippa doing Pippa things.

Enjoy and have fun in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Granit

The Bountiful Trials of this new Mauler hero, Granit:

It’s not as simple as previous ones because Granit can be a beast, and it’s the most important thing he contributes to. If you own a large hero roaster that includes Zikis and Mortas you’ll be fine, if not, prepare for the possibility of running some trials again for a number of times.

Team Setup 1 and 2 this is where it is getting messy since you’ll need Zikis to deal damage and the other options aren’t great. It is possible to play playing with Raine and Fawkes in the absence of Zikis however this could take several fights to complete.

Team setup #3 and #4 areactually more straightforward in this scenario in which Grezhul takes on damage and tanks along with Eironn and Raine you’ll have a strong backline. For battle #3, you should make use of Nara at the top so she can take on Khazard directly. On the fourth battle Numisu performs better. Overall, easy runs.

Team setup #5 and #6 the subsequent ones, wherein you need the hypo hero in this instance Mortas to gain buffs. The setups are pretty nasty and without Mortas you’ll have to play with Eironn.

Have fun and have luck in Granit’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Zikis

This is the Bountiful Trials of the new Hypogean Hero – Zikis:

Zikis is good at causing damage, but he’s no great damage dealer who can take anything away so long as you are able to keep it in check. In the majority of team configurations during his tests, he’ll be the main cause of damage. Therefore, it is essential to create an effective team around him to win.

Team setup #1 and 2 these are actually the most simple setups in the entire tests for Zikis. Rearranging Talene as #2 will be a lot easier since she’s in front of Nara directly. Apart from that, there’s the arrangement is nothing to write home about.

Teams Setup 3 and #4 here’s where things will get more complicated if aren’t able to run Mezoth. Hendrik is an alternative in the area of tanking, sure however, it’s not the finality that takes Brutus (#3) along with Lyca (#4) off the table. If you are using Hendrik as a replacement, keep in mind that it could take several attempts to complete the tests.

Team setup #5 and #6 you will need to run Alna this time, and I was not capable of getting any other replacement running well. If you’re lucky you could get a Cecilia/Wu-Kong setup, but the one listed above are the most effectively.

Enjoy and have fun on Ziki’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Morrow

The following is the Bountiful Trials for the newest Lightbearer hero Morrow:

While Morrow provides a powerful cc Morrow needs to be protected to function and this is something you’ll need to face during the Bountiful Trials a lot.

Teams Setup 1 and 2 same setup and nothing too complex. Your frontline keeps the enemies busy whilst Rowan and Numisu begin buffing. Morrow will take on the enemies one at a time.

Teams Setup 3 and 4 you are able to swap the setups here, meaning that you could run the #4 setup on each, and #3 with both. The one that has Mortas is simpler to run, but you’ll must have Mortas as well as Flora. If not, you can use Gwynnth as well as Oden. It will take a few more attempts to finish this trial however it is also possible.

Teams Setup 5 and #6 back to basic here and as Lucius and Estrilda in the frontline . Lyca and Desira helping to keep Morrow up so that he can be able to take on the foes.

Enjoy and have fun in Morrow’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Hodgkin

For Hodgkin there is also a brand new series of Bountiful Trials and they are very interesting:

Hodgkin is, as with Titus the most powerful frontline hero who can help and tank your team. This makes the Arena of Trials easier than you’ve ever imagined it to be.

Teams Setups #1 and 2 works with pretty much the same roster, however I’d rather Leofric in battle 2. If you don’t already have Leofric, Seirus is an alternative, however it can cause the battles to be more dependent on RNG, so be prepared to play it multiple instances without Leofric. However, it is the most difficult fight.

Teams Setup 3 and #4 also pretty similar teams. With #3, you can use Cecilia to take on Safiya and Skreg much more easily. In Battle #4, you’d prefer to get the speedy assistance of Lyca.

Teams Setup 5 and #6 pretty clean frontline, with Lucisu which is solid as well as allowing the team’s backline players to complete their work with some small-scale arrangement that make it simpler, to work with, as you can see in the picture.

Have fun and be successful Hodgkin’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Titus

New hero New hero Arena of Trials and Titus are there any differences. Here are the top team comps to use in his trials:

With Titus as the frontline, there’s nothing to be concerned about during this test and the most important thing is to select your backline based on the setup of the opposition team. You don’t need any kind of dimensional, hypogean, or celestial hero.

Team setup 1 and 2 works in a similar team, but swapping into Rigby to Nara during the second match simplifies things.

Team Setup 3 and 4 also a really easy task to accomplish with just the few heroes and arrangements that you already have.

Teams Setup 5 and 6 here’s an opportunity to see how powerful Titus really is. He’s an absolute beast, and a tiny cc can help make sure that battles are won.

Have fun and be successful with Titus”Bountiful Trials!”

Bountiful Trials – Thali

Thali also features the Arena of Trials that contains of six battles as the previous trials:

The actual trials aren’t too difficult either, as Thali is a very strong carry hero , and you don’t require any hypogean or dimensional heroes other than Arthur as well as Talene.

Teams Setups 1 and  2 It’s identical setup that you could run here, however I’d recommend Torne as the second option and take over Rowan on the frontline. Both can be run with the same setup, but this one is more smooth.

Teams Setup 3 and 4 here there are some variations and in the 3rd battle Fawkes helps, as Raine is the best choice for battle #4.

Teams Setup 5 and 6 both using the exact configuration and they are the most straightforward fights to fight in the The Thali’s Arena of Trials.

Have fun and have luck in the Thali’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Merlin

Hyped for Merlin? Then you should be. Everything appears to indicate that he’ll be a very powerful hero. His Arena of Trials is the first location where you will actually watch him fight in six fights.

Battles in general are okay and the reality is that Merlin is a powerful hero is a huge help (compared the character of Walker during his Arena of Trials that had certain issues).

Team Setup 1 and  2 It’s exactly the same configuration that you could run here, as having Athalia and Arthur locked is not an essential need. If you do not have Arthur unlocked and you want to move Izold to his place and add Safiya and Torne. If you’re lacking Athalia you can replace her by Nara but you’ll have to take on the opposing positions using Nara.

Teams Setup 2 and 3 also similar teams however changing Talene and Merlin between allows for a bit easier to win.

Teams Setup 5 and  6 Also operating the identical setup , but for the final battle change Tidus, Eironn and Lyca clockwise. It will be easy.

Have fun and have luck in Merlin’s Bountiful Trials!

Bountiful Trials – Walker

Walker is here, and we’re also starting an all-new phase of Arena of Trials as we experienced it with our earlier new heroes. Here are the team-based setups I have found to be most effective in Walker’s Bountiful Trials:

The earlier Arena of Trials have been much easier to complete since the heroes were significantly more powerful. Walker isn’t as strong as a she is a carry hero. You should have a variety of good heroes to get you throughout This Arena of Trials:

Battle  1 and 2 These can be played without a lot of issues. Nearly everyone has Talene unlocked and she’s really the only celestial you’ll need in this. I’d recommend switching Talene and Anoki to battle 2 into the frontline position in the upper, which is more squishy, and she’ll be more able to handle Lorsan as well as Kaz there.

Battle 3:this is the hardest one to win in Walker’s Arena of Trials! If you’ve got Alna as well as Athalia it’s not too difficult, however in the event that you are missing Alna and Athalia, you need to swap out Athalia also and use Fawkes as an alternative to Athalia and then switch to Rosaline or Lucius to replace Alna. This can make it super soft so be prepared for several fights to overcome this.

Battle #4 is much easier to handle to use now. You can even use the setup for #3 here, and it’ll do very well.

Battle #5 and #6 no much of a deal with Talene as the frontline. If you’ve got Arthur in Battle #6 it will get more straightforward, however you can also play the same setup as Battle #5 here.

Have fun and best of luck.

Bountiful Trials – Leofric

In celebration of the launch of Leofric there’s obviously the Arena of Trials as well that includes six battles to win to earn the ultimate reward:

The battles are very simple There is no need to use any other hypergean, dimensional, or celestial heroes, because Leofric is a very solid runner already.

In Battle #1 you can even utilize Leofric as a frontline player since there’s nothing to attack Leofric and he’ll be able to make use of his immunity abilities against him as well as Vurk shortly enough to take out your enemies and take out Brutus the last. Batte #2 requires some minor modifications and Kelthur assists in tackling the backline of enemies as does Thane.

In Battle #3 you should use Nara in the bottom backline position to eliminate Rowan in the quickest time possible and Grezhul will deal with Wu Kong in the top position.

For Battle #4 you should use Leofric to directly take out Athalia and by using his immunity, he’s able to keep Athalia busy for long enough for his other allies to knock out the remaining members of the enemy team.

Battle #5 and #6 can be made using the same setup in which you cheese some Thoran and Grezhul on the frontline. It could take a few attempts but isn’t difficult using this team configuration.

Now, you beat the Leofric’s Arena of Trials.

Bountiful Trials – Desira

We’re playing the same map similar to the the first Arena of Trials for Desira with 6 battles total to win:

The battles are also fairly easy to win with the most Celestial hero you’ll require can be Talene, Desira is a decent carry hero, and it’s really not that difficult.

In Battle #1 and #2 you can use the same team, however I prefer to utilize Rowan rather than Thoran when playing Battle #2. Thoran is equally effective, but Rowan simplifies the process.

Battle #3 and #4 both make use of the identical “base” squad, however in Battle #4 I’d use Eironn as the frontline, and substitute Nara in the backline with Numisu to improve it as otherwise it’s pretty boring and annoying to play the same battle over and over.

5 and 6 may be played with the same team. You have defeated Descara’s Arena of Trials.

Bountiful Trials – Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia will be getting the winter-themed dimensional map you might have seen of JOKER and QUEEN just a few months ago.

It’s pretty easy to defeat and you’ll require Talene as the sole hero who isn’t that easy to obtain (although anyone can have her). In other words there are a lot of options to choose from and I was pleasantly surprised that the battles were not too squishy. However, the Prince is incredibly tough and can help the team out and that was a big help. Enjoy.

Bountiful Trials – Morael

Morael is on the same game map that Mortas with the similar amount of battles to fight – and they’re quite easy to defeat without hypogean or dimensional heroes.

With these settings, you should not be in trouble, because Morael’s fairly strong and will be able to carry your team quite well.

Battle 3+4 is played with Athalia and I believe that the majority of players are locked in and she’s very useful. You could try substituting her, however with the teams I’ve got here, I’ve never needed to play many battles in order to win.

Bountiful Trials – Peggy

When it comes to Peggy there are some modifications but I would have expectedthat, similar to Raku that she would receive the same version from Eluard with a few minor additions…

However, an acceptable Arena of Trials event without extravagant heroes is required.

Bountiful Trials – Raku

Lilith did not come up with anything original in the Trials Event for Raku (what is good when you look at what was included in the recent updates… ) The fact is, this trial will be basically the is the same as the trials we’ve had for Respen previously. The great thing is that it’s quite easy to defeat and you don’t need extravagant heroes:

Bountiful Trials – Respen

Like the previous Bountiful Trials the version is for Eluard is also fairly simple. I’ve got a setup which you don’t require any in the way of hypogeans, or even dimensional heroes to play the same reason as you’ve seen on other guidebooks. For new players, the configurations shown are suitable.

If you own Mezoth you can use him in battles #3 and #4, instead of Oscar. Nakoruru can be used in place of Lorsan in battles #5 and #6 as well as Ukyo during battle #1 and #2, instead of Estrilda. The above setups can be effective, though you might require running certain setups more frequently.

Bountiful Trials – Respen

This is the simplest Arena of Trials to play for to play for a long period of duration in AFK Arena since you’ll can easily setup any of the arenas that require dimensional or hypogean heroes.

There are just 3 different team configurations you have to follow to win this test.

Bountiful Trials – Kren

New hero is out, as well as a the brand new Arena of Trials – with Kren We also have an opportunity to try his abilities and receive benefits at the same time. After the previous Arena of Trials have been rather squishy, we expect an improved version. Below are the suggestions of my team:

The battles are incredibly simple when there are Ukyp and Nakoruru unlocked, if not you’ll have to make adjustments. It is, however, possible to defeat it without them.

Battle #1 and #4without Ukyo you’re faced with the issue that you have to be able to take on a lot of dps in this position. You can play Kaz but this game will require you to run it often to ensure that you have the correct dodge procs for Ukyo.

Battle #2 and #3If there aren’t any dimension heroes, change your team to make a mauler-style faction that includes Tidus as well as Vurk in place of Nara as well as Nakoruru. It is also possible to keep Nara in the team and swap out Vurk. Be prepared to fight this battle many times with this setup to beat it.

Battle #5 and #6Should not be an issue for you. Heroes are readily available and can be used in this configuration to beat Kren’s Arena of Trials in AFK Arena.

Bountiful Trials – Joker

Six battles are required for the Bountiful Trial of Joker and I consider them to be okay in the event that you’ve got all heroes. If you do not possess Zaphrael and Ezio it might be a bit more challenging but let’s take a look at every battle.

Battle 1 -this isn’t an issue in any way. If you do not have Ezio you could try swapping with Thoran and later change Thoran and Henrik’s positions also. Anoki could also be a viable option. You’ll likely have to run it at least a couple of times this frontline combination with Ezio.

Battle # 2The battle is an extremely good battle the Bountiful Trial. If you do not have Arthur you could run Skreg and with his Signature item and the furniture he is equipped with, you won’t be able to run his ultimate on the upper lanes.

Battle 3- to me, one of the most frustrating combats in the Bountiful Trials. The game is played against a comfortable enemy set-up comprising Talene and Athalia and Nara along with Farael. The suggested setup requires two runs and if you do not have Zaphrael in your arsenal, you will not be able to run as smoothly. Try running Izold instead. Swap Skreg to the frontline in the lowest position, and make use of Henrik on the top lane.

Battle 4is a great fight , and if have Ezio you can swap Vurk to do some damage. It shouldn’t be a problem. try it a few times until you have the best timing.

Battle 5This is an easy battle and most likely you’ve got Flora in one of the free chests we have received over the last few months. It is possible to take on Seirus however Flora will make the fight much more straightforward.

Battle #6It’s pretty exactly the same as the battle of #5, however it is recommended to swap the battles to include Rowan and Flora in the front line. This will make it easier to take the damage.

Bountiful Trials – Queen

Battle # 1 Battle #1 Orthos could be the limit in this case, if you’ve not been able to unlock him, you’ll need to swap him out with Lucius or Estrilda. It’s soft and hard to beat. I’ve also heard that changing Rowan to an Orthos position and then placing Thane in the middle backline position is effective. You can try both.

Battle # 2It’s an easy battle, but in case you’re not unlocking Albedo you’re in problems. I’d suggest running Mezoth in the event that you own him (he’s very lovely) or Thorne as an alternative. This is also an option, however you’ll need to run a few runs in order to achieve this.

Battle #3- see #2

Battle #4- see #1

Battle 5is probably the most straightforward battle, and you should have them all unlocked. It may take a few reruns to be successful, however this one is a good one to get the job done.

Battle #6- see #5

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