Black Woods Guide (VOYAGE OF WONDERS)

October 27, 2022

A brand new world that is part of Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s known as Black Woods. It’s not too difficult after all, and the players are pretty decent. The puzzle component is enjoyable but it’s not too difficult As the way I’ve played it you won’t be stuck.

Black Woods General & Rewards

The primary goal of The Windfall Gorge is to use beacons to illuminate paths that lead to the end on the maps.

What’s The Reward In Black Woods?

It’s true that the rewards match the difficulty of the Voyage of Wonders realm and they’re not too overwhelming.

You’ll get dust and hearts for the forthcoming events and 10x regular summon Scrolls and the Hero Choice Chest with a variety of boosters and standard emblems.

In terms of the Hero Choice Chest, it’s more of a chest that players in the early and mid-game will enjoy, with no particular heroes inside which include Brutus, Rosalina, Tasi, Shemira, Wu Kong or 10x Faction Summon Scrolls.

I believe that at least an emblem of the faction could have made a nice emblem for the faction, but in the end, it’s free to spend just a bit of time here, so being a bit difficult.

Black Woods Walkthrough

So, without further delay now, let’s get right into the walkthrough in which I walk you through the steps to get rid of Black Woods.

Step 1.

Right after the beginning, you must follow the route and battle the two camps to win the two golden chests.

There’s no surprise, there’s no other choice.

You will then see the red valve that you must turn 1x in a clockwise direction.

Step 2.

Following that it’s time to gather additional relics. The simplest enemies to defeat are those above the current location.

Take on the 3 camps of the enemy and take the relics, and those Golden Chests.

Step 3.

The next enemy camps are the ones located next towards the blue beacon.

There isn’t a strict rule on how to combat the camps , but I tried to present them in an ascending order so that you won’t encounter any issues and you can gather the relics as quickly as you can.

Step 4.

Now walk over towards the blue valve located at the bottom and make it turn 1x clockwise.

Then, take on the camps on the right and take the relics and golden Chests that you can find there and more.

Now you should see two beacons illuminated.

Once you’ve completed this, you must walk up slightly and you will see the blue lever which is the one you should use.

This will open the next section of Black Woods for you.

Step 5.

Now it’s time to clear the path up to the summit for an additional point. The camp below is the next camp to conquer to get the chance to find a treasured relic.

Once you’ve used the blue lever, you can go into the area you see in the picture and combat that camp, and then utilize the switch for railroads to move the cart of the railroad on the left side.

You’ll need to do that step in the future.

Step 6.

Go to the upper right corner on the Black Woods map and you will see a path that has numerous camps as well as Golden Chests in the middle.

Now, you must fight the entire group to collect the relics before you face trouble later.

The fight shouldn’t pose any issue in all.At at the top of the path , you will come across an railroad switch which you must use to move the blue-path disk into the proper position so you can start the beacon using it.

Step 7.

it’s time to turn on some beacons. Make sure you are at the neutral valve, and rotate it one-time clockwise.

Then, pull the blue lever to flatten the path towards the beacon.

The lower left beacon glow up.

Step 8 .

Now, take the blue valve and turn it 4 times in a counterclockwise direction to activate additional beacons which will allow you to the final portion of the Black Woods.

The beacon on the top must be lit once you’ve done the task, so make sure you follow the steps carefully.

Then, go to the valve that is red and make it turn 1x clockwise.

It will illuminate the right-hand beacon in the upper left and you’re finished with the problem.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll need to access the portal that is right beside you.

Step 9.

now fight the foes there and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Then, walk to the north, where you will can find the Crystal Chest in the shadows of several enemies. The enemies you encounter there are likely to drop legendary relics, and will give you plenty of additional power to win the fight.

There’s only one last fight to finish that you should also be able to finish without difficulty and you’re done Black Woods

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