Best Heroes (Tier List) – Battle Night: Cyber Squad

October 10, 2022

Let’s discuss about the heroes of Battle Night. It’s difficult to upgrade them . Therefore, you must select wisely which heroes would like to pay attention to. I’ve created a tier list which I update regularly to let you know which heroes are worth your time and which ones don’t.

Like every list of tiers, this includes personal opinions . Some heroes are disputed (what you can do is leave a comment below in the comment section).

So, let’s get started.

Best Heroes in Battle Night – Tier List

Before we get to the top of this list I’ll provide some notes to the lists…


The Tiers include S > A > B. The tiers are those with “+” ones giving these heroes a little boost when they’re between tiers, or are more powerful over the “base” tier.

In the tiers, heroes are generally not ranked. That means that just that a few heroes are in”S” tiers, it doesn’t mean that they are all equal “S” tier doesn’t mean that the one that is the highest has “more S Tier” than the other. This is simply the sorting tool. S Tier means S Tier.

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S+++ Tier


Raphael is still at the top of his game and dominant, and even viable in purple. His dodge prayer mechanics be able to heal and negate the previous and current hit which makes him extremely difficult to take down (the opponent must hit twice with dodge).

Role: Support (Heal)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: S+ Bosses: S+


The tank is probably the most effective for the game in Battle Night and also decent damage. It is weak against numerous DPS enemies , as Vidar is able to only take one of the enemies into duel. However, they are nevertheless extremely effective and efficient in all game modes in Battle Night

Role: Tank (Damage)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: S+ Bosses: S+

S Tier




Role: Damage (Support)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: A Bosses: S+


Nintu offers a decent set of DPS with plenty of AoE. It is possible to stun, but it depends on her marks being applied to make snowballs, which does not happen very often. Overall, a effective source of damage.

Role: Damage

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: S+


Contrary to what her stats indicate, Nymeria is actually better in tanking than attacker. It is able to take on damage over time using her dodge mechanics that are high.

Role: Tank (Damage)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: S


Phoebe has excellent crowd control. She’s also an extremely fast hero who can be used as an off-tank. In the right team she is able to take enemies by using her stun.

Role: Tank (Support)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: S


Sage is a very strong player particularly at A3. It’s pretty good prior to that also, but needs A1 or better to be a viable option on your team. The silence can be one many of the most damaging of the most devastating things in Battle Night, especially in PvP.

Role: Damage (Support)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: S+


Samuel is part of nearly every team and could make the majority of your team ineffective to crowd control. He can also buff the entire team with ease.

Role: Damage (Support)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: S


Shreateh offers mainly good support and tank with high DPS with high HP. The game is arguably slow and has low def, however.

Role: Support (Tank)

Missions: S+ PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S+


Wassily is an incredible AoE with maintains DPS when A3 is used, however, it isn’t as strong in purple. Deals crazy crit damage.

Role: Damage (AoE)

Missions: S+ PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S+

A Tier

Beamon is a great tank all around and provides excellent DPS and also is a snare based on losing health. When the conditions are right it is possible to do massive damage, but he needs precision. That’s why I placed him at the top on his A Tier.

Role: Tank (Damage)

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: S Bosses: S


Beckinsale applies marks and explodes at the enemy and also has healing and damage resistance. She deals good DPS and marks are unable to get avoided, but isn’t an exceptional DPS hero in comparison to heros in the higher levels.

Role: Damage (Multi Target)

Missions: S+ PvP: S+ Mines: A Bosses: A


Every is a great hero to work on, especially if are looking to build a solid Fallen team. A synergy between Iggy and, at times, excellent in battle against Raphael or Vidar.

Role: Damage (Support)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: A Bosses: S



Role: Damage

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S+


Role: Support (Damage)

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S+


Lavinia excels in A3, but she’s a bit slow prior to that, but offers great utility. Prior to that get the A1 as well as A2 as her 3rd and 1st skills for speed, but it will leave healing and tank aspects to be considered. Try to get A3 and she’ll become a monster.

Role: Tank (Support)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: B Bosses: A


Legolas can also be regarded as a DPS hero who requires DoT for stacking to truly play. Sometimes, that’s not possible, however passive and normal attacks are enough to make great appearance.

Role: Damage

Missions: S PvP: A Mines: S Bosses: S



Role: Tank (Support)

Missions: A+ PvP: A+ Mines: A Bosses: A+


Mikaela is a formidable buffer that can remove attacks and crits from enemies, as well as disperses their healing. It is only effective when used in conjunction with a hero which deals burning damages to opponents, and for this reason, it is not in the tier list.

Role: Support (Damage)

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S


Misteltein misteltein is one among the more bizarre characters to deal damage on the scene in Battle Night but also glass cannon. Her job is to cut enemies off on turn one generally but if this fails, she can be killed really quickly. It is useful in many scenarios, however, she can be a bit difficult to handle. I’d love to see her rank higher, but this is a problem that you need to address.

Role: Damage (Multi Target)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: S Bosses: A

Rhaegal, a tank that is hybridized which has ability to deal with damage over time and locks or stalls enemies. Its damage is determined by HP and is quite quick and great for locking down enemies such as Vidar. It is missing a final “bang” to be higher in the list of tiers.


Role: Damage

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: S+ Bosses: A


Sayung is a sustain zone DPS hero, with is less glass cannon when compared to Mistelstein but his setup requires crit to be effective and I believe it is missing the final piece that will allow it to make a splash.

Role: Damage (Multi Target)

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: S


Attention! Sobel’s score here is comes from being paired in conjunction with Sage and Skriath to enhance synergy in other circumstances, he’s almost ineffective.

Role: Damage (Support)

Missions: S PvP: S+ Mines: A Bosses: S


Sone delivers good damage and provides support to damage dealers , as well as debuffs for the enemies. Sone’s weak point is defense and health, which means Sone is fragile and must be the first to strike in order to effectively deliver an attack.

Role: Support (Damage)

Missions: S PvP: S Mines: S Bosses: S+

B Tier


A-Zhao is a character with a strange skill set that has to take out enemies and her team to activate her skills. A-Zhao is a hero that you would like to play from the beginning to mid-game. She is less effective later than the heroes that are higher up on the list. Also, it requires A1 as well as Risefinch as minimum investments for it to be viable.

Role: Damage (Multi Target)

Missions: A PvP: A Mines: A Bosses: A


Cucho must build flame runes to unleash his powerful attack that base on random. Cucho also does a lot of damage due to his burn, but he requires a team of burn to shine. At a minimum, be red with exclusives in order to last and to pack the punch.

Role: Damage (Tank)

Missions: A PvP: S Mines: A Bosses: A


Dreyfus can also be described as an unusual DPS hero since he has to be fought to perform effectively (and is taunted to do this). Dreyfus must get lots of dodge in order to do serious damage.

Role: Tank (Damage)

Missions: A PvP: A Mines: B Bosses: A


Harpe is Harpe is an Odd DPS hero with damage over time as well as extra attack. The issue is that the damage that is caused in time can get taken away frequently, and his damage output is dependent on it. The game is solid, but not overwhelmed.

Role: Damage over time

Missions: A+ PvP: A Mines: B Bosses: A+


Kratos is an excellent AoE damage-dealer, but is terrible at the beginning of the game, I’m talking about really terrible. The later game is really great and may even tank also. The only downside is the slowness and you sometimes feel that you’re watching slowmotion.

Role: Damage (Multi Target)

Missions: A PvP: A+ Mines: A Bosses: A


Poll delivers a steady DPS throughout and is able to carry very well. Poll targets the most easy target first. The only problem has to do with his health. isn’t enough and his speed is easily countered with Raphael’s healing.

Role: Damage

Missions: A PvP: A Mines: A Bosses: A

C Tier


Charlotte can be one of the most effective tankers in the early game of Battle Night with self heals and is able to sustain quite a bit. The only drawback is that she isn’t able to make taunts, and often is the last survivor (what you would not want a tank be).

Role: Tank (Healing)

Missions: B PvP: B Mines: C Bosses: C


Gilbert could be one of the toughest-hitting characters during Battle Night with insane single-target Crits. Also , he is unable to control. His weaknesses are when his one-hit-kill mechanics fail (dodge or HP pool missing) He will then fall asleep the next time and then do nothing. Squishy as f ***.

Role: Damage

Missions: B PvP: A Mines: C Bosses: C

F Tier

As I get often asked “what about the other heroes?”. They aren’t on the list of meta heroes at the moment however, I have them listed so you can search them there.


Arngreene is a solid tank, but you must invest a lot of money and be a the highest level of VIP in order to own Arngreene.


Gassol delivers damages over the course of time (DoT) Support hero who can disperse its DoT around and increase the power of backline heroes.


Garuda can heal DPS heroes with ease because she can provide them with blood-sucking, and she can get rid of DoT

Skadi what damage, but great crowd control. It is removed later in the game.



Westerly’s recovery is dependent on his attacks. He also grants more rage for your team. It also helps remove DoT. Max out at the purple level, so making sure he’s alive during the late game can be difficult, it is still beneficial in some situations.


Phonoi is a hero of support like Minamoto but increases team survival by reducing the accuracy of enemies .


Christina is an absolute AoE DPS hero who needs critique to have an impact .


Minamoto can provide relief and dodge during the interval between. He is more effective early in the game, when accuracy isn’t as common. The effect fades later on in the game.


Fino is a hero of support who can boost your team’s accuracy and will also weaken the opponent team. It’s not that effective earlier during Battle Night but can become a niche counter to Nymeria and Mina/Phonoi teams.



Caitlyn may be useful at the beginning of the game but she is a complete fodder hero once she has reached that point.


Patroclus is a good tank in the beginning and midway through the game but he loses it later .


Grinborth is difficult to rank, as you’ll get Grinborth in VIP packages and you will need him to develop with other heroes paid for, so use his copies as little as you can. However, he’s not even close to the meta.


Elva uses the silence that is beneficial to control crowds, and is able to heal when struck critically. Elva is a hero that you should not play past level 40.


Naomi does well in the middle of games with two other players on the team that is able to avoid tankers and stun the backline opponents but is ineffective late-game .


Arteta isn’t useful unless it is used as an early game. Fodder material .


Cassini can block the use of skill of enemies, however, he is a pure crowd control hero who will be removed later on in the game.


Caledon comes with a built-in counterattack , and acts as an early game tank, but it dries out later in the game.


Arae is able to deal delay in her damage, however her damage doesn’t have a huge multiplier and is merely used as fodder for a hero later on in the game.


Mayne is a definite fodder hero for Zhao so make sure you have three copies of her around .


Tiger is an endurance DPS hero, and his damage increases continuously whenever a unit is killed (ally or the enemy). It can be used to make cheese, but it’s only useful in specific situations. It’s also not a good idea.


Camilla is required in order to get Kratos to turn purple So, don’t take her anywhere other aside from collecting copies.


Lyse is a decent AoE support hero that deals damages over time, but a weak base attack. She needs to be paired alongside other DoT heroes in order to accomplish anything .


Eunice uses DoT when she criticizes, but only targets frontline, so many options to attack her directly. This is not very useful.


Hanna is a hero of support who prevents crits through blocking enemies. Particularly early in the game, she is less effective as crits aren’t as important in the beginning, but it is more crucial later. But she’s not able to grow past purple and by the time her buffs are nice it’s a real struggle to keep her in the game.


Thane may be useful at the beginning of the game but once he’s in the game, he’s pure fodder hero .


Evelynn is utilized to evolve Dreyfuss so make copies of her to help with that.


Attis provides AoE DPS and can work in conjunction with heroes that control crowds and avoid the frontline. A hero that you can play in the early and mid-game, and is less effective when compared to others AoE DPS heroes later .


Daria’s copies are essential to grow into Samuel therefore, always keep three copies of her around .


Heloise is essential to develop Poll to purple. So always keep at minimum 3 duplicates. She is not really a part of your squad .


Finley has no need other than providing fodder to other heroes in Machine camp.


Black isn’t able to serve any other purpose than to provide an opportunity to feed other heroes within Machine camp.


Leah is required to transform Phoebe to purple , so don’t make her the focus of anything else.


Archer provides pure fodder


The dawn is pure food for thought.


Rowen can be considered pure fodder .


Khun has been proven to be pure fodder .


Billy can be considered pure food .


Caroline is pure fodder .


Tucci is pure fodder .


Alisha is a perfect fodder.

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