Archero Hero Evolution Guide & Strategy (+ Total Needed To Max)

October 9, 2022

Hero Evolution is the latest update to make those heroes you play in Archero more powerful and is a tough grind, which is why I think it would be beneficial to you to not just let you know what you can expect, but would also like to provide an idea of how you get the best from this, as it could take months to make an archero hero with all-stars.

How Hero Evolution Works

In addition to the regular hero upgrade screen you’ll find the “Evolution” tab in Archero which allows you to take your hero to more stars. In contrast to the usual hero upgrade, you’ll require more than just sapphires and coins for this – you’ll need cookies as well as shards.

Let me explain real quick.


The cookies must “feed” to your hero when you’ve completed that process you’ll be able star the hero by putting hero fragments into his shards. This will increase the statistics and abilities that will increase the strength of your hero.

Total Shards Needed To Max Star Evolution

Here’s the amount you’ll require:


Important! Also, make sure you constantly check for gift coupons, and often they’ll also have some random Hero Shards – we have an up-to-date list of gift codes on this page.

The main issue here is cookies, but mainly the hero shreds. Cookies can be dropped everywhere and are accessible, but the main issue is the hero-shards.

Hero Shards can be gained during The daily Deser Ghost Event. They’re not readily available in shards, but you can collect soulstones, around 20-30 per day, which you can trade to shards.


If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to get to see your hero’s shards in the spotlight however you aren’t able to accumulate them and then wait. The event is over after 7 days, and all your soulstones can be exchanged to random shards, which can be shards that are suitable for any hero, or maybe those you don’t own.


The best part is that you are able to unlock paid heroes this method, but obtaining 50 shards randomly is a process that can take months .

Important! Do not invest in one of the bad heroes! Always check my regularly updated hero list of tiers (ranking) which will show you which hero is the most suitable to invest in the next time.

Hero Evolution Strategy

The most important rule to remember about Hero Evolution is patience and the sameness!

1 – Grind. Every. Day!

Participate in your Desert Ghost Event every single day to collect the most soulstones you can. Do not worry about the cookies and stack them quickly The shards are the bottleneck.

You can then trade them in to the hero you typically use, or for random shards at conclusion of the event hoping to collect needed shards.

There’s only one way to go.

2- Plan Ahead!

The advantage of getting an extra star on the hero isn’t that many, since benefits that will benefit all heroes are scarce so be prepared. Keep your cookies in the freezer for as long as you need to until you’ve got the 10 20 or 20. fragments to create that next star. This is a long-term endeavor and you shouldn’t think too much about this.

Don’t even think about getting Sylvan or Shade using random shards you receive and then wait to get the 50 shards is going to take approximately four months of constant playing to complete the Desert Ghost event.

3 – The Future Of Evolution

Since I’m honest with you, believe the developers are going to change something in the evolution system very soon, as the negative feedback they received from the players was huge. It’s true that they’re trying to earn revenue from the game however, the grind and the benefits Hero Evolution provides are not at all directly related. The grind is gruelling and long , and the process of completing an hero will take you more longer time than just a few months, so I’m pretty sure that things will improve – up to the point where you should keep your cookies and shards and spend only on your main hero only what you actually need to spend.

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