AFK Arena Poetric Quiz Answers

October 9, 2022

If you require assistance for your participation in the Poetric Quiz Event, I have the answer below.


How many marksmen can Peggy call up when she employs the skill of ‘Royal marksman What is the number of marksmen Peggy summons when she uses the skill ‘R ?

She will summon five Marksmen.

Shemira’s mood is only going to get better when she gets to meet which superhero on the Oak Inn?

Her mood improves after she gets to meet Daimon.

What are not hero with strength? (multiple variations)

Fawkes isn’t a strength-based hero, he’s an agility-based.

Skriath is not based on strength He is a person of intelligence.

How much is the max number of Support Heroes you can set on the Library Union page?

You’ll find 6 characters in support You can look at the complete range of heroes’ tiers within AFK Arena.

What isn’t an Agility hero based on Agility? (multiple variations)

Isabella is not a strength-based person she is an intelligence-based.

Arden isn’t based on strength He is a person of intelligence.

Mezoth is not a strength-based character He is a defense-based.

What of these isn’t an Intelligence hero with a base in Intelligence? (multiple variations)

Cecilia is a person who has a high degree of agility.

If you’ve lost a battle Which of the following could increase your odds of winning next time?

Select all answers available All of them are right.

What are the positions in the Crystal Pentagram?

There are 5 potion types available.

What are the classes at present at the moment in AFK Arena?

There are five classes to choose from including Tank, Warrior Support, Ranger, Mage and Support.

What tier does an hero gain access to their unique item?

It is possible to unlock at the the mythic Tier (red frame).

At what level can an hero be able to enter to Oak Inn?

On the Ascended Tier (silver border)

Which side is the faction that the Wilder heroes most able to defeat?

Wilders cause additional harm to heroes of the Graveborn Faction.

Which is the faction that the Mauler heroes most effective against?

Wilders cause additional damage to the heroes of their Wilder Faction.

Which faction is the Lightbearer heroes most powerful against?

Wilders cause additional injury to heroes belonging to their Mauler Faction.

Which side are the Graveborn heroes most effective against?

Wilders inflict additional harm on Heroes from the Lightbearer Faction.

In terms of Dimensional Heroes, which is the truth?

The company is not affected in any way by bonuses based on factual factors or disadvantages.

Dimensional Heroes are able to activate factional bonuses in conjunction with other Dimensional Heroes

What are the benefits of what is the benefit of a Dimensional Hero that goes through Soul Fusion?

The ascension tier of the player and the level.

What is the maximum number of health supplements that can be used with Rowan The Roamer’s Health Supplies skill every time?

He is able to place three potions in his cart.

What kind of allies is it that Rosaline The Kind be following?

The one you’ve have set to adhere to.

What factors affect hero casting speed and attack speed?

The attribute of haste lets heroes more agile and cast spells quicker.

What one of these heroes are not an Support Hero?

Nara isn’t a hero of support She’s a fighter.

What one of these heroes isn’t a Mage?

Gwyneth is an oath warrior her

Thane is a hero of the warrior class

Who among the heroes isn’t one of them? Ranger?

Daimon is a tank-class hero

Athalia is in the ranger in her.

What one of these heroes isn’t one of the following? Tank?

Lyce is a class support hero

Who among the heroes isn’t an a warrior?

Raine is a hero of the ranger class

Within the Flame & Spear Union In the Flame & Spear Union “Flame” along with”Spear, “Spear” are referring to who are the heroes?

In the Union that it refers to Satrana and Antandra

The Wisdom & Hope Union, the “Wisdom” and the “Hope” are referring to whom heroes?

This Union comprises consisting of Tasi and Ulmus

Within the Castellans Union, the heroes Thane and Estrilda have what sort of relationship?

Thane is Estrilda’s classmate.

Within the Arcanists Union story, Vedan the Demise took on who?

Silvina as well as Isabella have been adopted by the father.

Within the Gallant Three Union, the heroes are Hogan King of the Kingdom Morvus the Far Stalker The Far Stalker And which other hero?


The Defenders Of the Forest Union The heroes are Nemora Nature’s Heart Arden Nature’s Voice and who else is a hero?


The story of The Dusk Patrollers Union, the heroes are Ira The Rogue from the Forest, Lyca – Keeper of Glades and who else is the hero?


Two heroes form The Lightbringers Union?

Lucius and Belinda

How many pieces of furniture can a superhero hold?

Each player is able to be able to hold upto 9 furniture pieces However, they also receive the benefit of holding three items, as shown in this comprehensive review of furniture that are available in AFK Arena.

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