February 2, 2023

Ascension within AFK Arena is among the most important features you can use for building your hero roaster for the long run. And it’s not just a few mistakes which can cause you to slow down but there are also ways to speed up your ascension.

In this article, I’ve included all you need to know to take on your heroes in properly and without wasting one of them.

Ascension Guide

In all games, you are able to use the same basic mechanics – you place everything into your most powerful heroes. In AFK Arena this is done differently, due to the different way ascending and leveling functions. I’ve included the most important rules below which you have adhere to from the very beginning until the end, and you’ll be able to make the most rapid progression through AFK Arena in the long run.

Rule #1 – Leveling Priority

Normally , you’d think that you could level up the heroes you frequently use, right? In AFK Arena you can only level the five heroes that have the highest ascension levels.

The reason for this is that each ascension can be capped at a certain level. Using the Resonation Crystal you are able to automatically make sure that different heroes up to the the 5 most powerful heroes.

In this case, I will use Lucius, Shemira, Rowan Rosalina and Talene the majority of the time. However, I do not raise the level of Talene or Rosalina since I am limited to their level of ascension often:

  • Ascended: Level 240
  • Mythic+: Level 200
  • Mythic: Level 180
  • Legendary+: Level 160

In the above example, you can see that I only raise Talene to 100 levels However, if I were to increase the level of Brutus or Belinda as well, then my top rating for the heroes using Resonance Crystal Resonation Crystal would be level 160 for mythical rather than Level 100.

The lowest level for the five heroes that are in the Resonation Crystal remains the one that all the other heroes will reach. This means that you should that you should only level those heroes who have most ascension!! If you’ve got an additional one, you can try the reset of your hero and you will get all Gold as well as EXP back. you can move it to an additional level.

Rule #2 – Fooder Heroes

Do not ever make use of any hero to ascend that is able to ascend. One reason is that each ascension hero you have will increase the maximum level of your hero and you don’t know what happens to your heroes later on and it can take time to tackle them to get them back.

They are the heroes which you can achieve to Legendary+, and later can be used to rise above other heroes. There is no other hero!

Rule #3 – Ascension Strategy

It takes time to get the hero up, therefore choosing the best strategy is essential since you cannot work on more than one heroes for each faction. Don’t attempt to climb more than one hero for a faction!

Use the 8 Heroes method:only ascend a hero only when you have eight epic copies to ascend it. Nothing is more frustrating than being a hero who has ascended to Legendaryand/or Mythic but without the rare copies needed to get the hero to ascended status and then obtaining the copies needed to get an alternate hero who can be ascended but without fodder heroes as you put it on a different hero.

Always climb up to Epic+Legendary+ and Ascended
Only go into Legendary only if you own at least two more Epic versions of the hero (better than 3 or 4)
Only climb into the level of Mythic or Mythic+ If you own at least 4 epic or 2 more Epic+ copies of the hero, if not, keep the fodder heroes in reserve until you’ve got it

If you adhere to these simple guidelines, you’ll see the most rapid progress over time although it may slow you down in certain circumstances for a bit.

If you simply take on heroes as you do, you may be stuck for a while and experience weeks in which there is no advancement because you must wait for fodders or extra copies of the hero you want to copy.

In the long run, you’ll need to work towards getting five heroes as quickly as you can, and then you can begin working on the other heroes, so that you can climb to Level 240 with your heroes.

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